#Snapdeal rebranding: Visual Change Alone or Change in the Brand Core?

Snapdeal’s full page newspaper ad announcing its new brand identity came as a bit of surprise to someone used to seeing only realtors and occasionally Amazon and Flipkart cover jacket ads.

What did not come as a surprise that Snapdeal eventually changed its logo. I don’t claim to have any powers to prophesy, but way back in 2010, when I was happily ordering books from Flipkart(that’s the only thing apart from train ticket that I bought online then), someone pointed me to Snapdeal, and within few seconds, I told him that Snapdeal logo, in both colour and design would not do. Yes, I did! The logo appeared outdated and amateurish to me in colour, styling and what it appear to stand for.

In that sense the box logo, unveiled today comes from the question – What does Snapdeal do? It delivers (happiness). By the way, that is what Dominos Pizza also promises by “Khushiyon ki home delivery”.

That exactly is my point. Is delivery(implying convenience) and cost the only two values in the eyes of our marketers nowadays? Has the market not moved onward from an early discovery phase to something more mature? Amazon’s logo has an arrrow, Flipkart has a cart and now Snapdeal has a box. Do you get the continuum? I can hazard a guess that if there were a fourth player in this space, they would have a credit card as their logo, because that’s the only thing that’s missing from the deal!!

Coming to colour chosen, which is a shade or red, officially called vermello by Snapdeal, is nice. In my view, Snapdeal could have done with more of ‘gravitas’ into the logo by making it darker. Sounds contradictory?!!

Very unconventional, because one has traditionally associated only fast food outlets with red colour. But then, this is a subjective space and this is my opinion. But was this a rush job by any chance?


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