Tweets Indexing by Google: Before the Brand Managers Rejoice

Tweets getting indexed by Google has been billed as the next big game changer for the brands. And why not. With brands chasing target groups based on content, more and diverse content, and better distributed content. Traditionally, tweets have largely been used to not just engage, but also to act as the referral source to your web content. Things just got one step forward – Google can potentially become a huge referral source for your tweets themselves! In other words, Tweets getting indexed impacts the content proliferation business significantly.

Folks at Stonetemple have a brilliant post to illustrate the possible indexing scenarios. Indeed, while tweets are coming into the Google Search, every tweet is not going to make the cut. Besides, there are many unknowns in this phenomenon, just as most things about Google Search are.

For example, lets begin with the basics – Are all tweets indexed? Just as all web pages are not indexed, all tweets are not indexed either. So what determines the qualification?

  • Is it the number of followers? If so, what is the threshold?
  • Is your twitter handle indexed by Google because some high follower handle follows your account?
  • Is every tweet from some accounts indexed?
  • What criteria will make one tweet go higher in results compared to other? (Ordinality)


  • What about the RTs? Suppose a tweet by a brand handle with just a few hundred followers gets a wave of RTs that run into thousands(say, a witty line about Tandoori Chicken recipe). Does Google make an exception an index this tweet?
  • Likewise, if a specific tweet by a low follower count handle is replied to by thousands, does this help get this tweet into Google index?
  • What about the RTs themselves, are they indexed? How about the replies?

Other unknowns

  • How does Google determine the authority level of tweets vis-a-vis the other content? This is very important for ordinality in SERPs
  • What impact does getting indexed play on the links in the tweets?Does it add to their authority level?
  • What happens to visual content in tweets? Do the images become part of Google image index?
  • What impact does this have on other content?

These are very pertinent questions that impact brand content proliferation. Hope we find some clues soon, if not the full answers. The one and only thing that is certain – the game has begun to change for brands in the digital marketing space.


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