Vistara is a Surprising Choice for an Airline Name

The new TATA SIA Airline has been announced to have the brand name Vistara. In my view it breaks many accepted norms of branding:

  • Phonetic Ambiguity: What is the right pronunciation, Vistaara or Vistaar or Vistara ? The Indian T as in ‘tum’ or the European ‘T’ as in ‘tomorrow’? In my view this is a serious tripping point for this set of letters to be chosen as the brand name. Note the different ways in which this name has been pronounced by different TV channels yesterday.
  • Meaning: What is the etymology of this name? It is from Vista, or Tara ? Meaning? Is it English, Sanskrit, composite, what? How is it related to air travel?
  • Domain name: Someone forgot to look up the domain name. The Golden dollop of a modern brand name is a clean domain. One can see that is an existing business in US. On the other hand, is a site of Vistara Voyages, which is a travel experience company, which leads to more ambiguity. God bless!

Even in terms of impression, the name does not have a ‘naturally elite’ feel to it that one would expect from a full fare airline that seeks to redefine executive travel.

In my judgment a 2/10 on choice of name.

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