Someone Should be Fired for this Gillette Promo

Hey, let’s first just forgive them for not knowing that the old ‘Rs’ notation has made way for &#8377 years back. Or maybe they just did not know how to type it.

Last evening I happened to be at a store and picked up a shaving razor from Gillette. The packaging had a wrap around strip (“promo strip”) that screamed ‘100% Moneyback’ in extra large fonts. As an avid believer in offline-online combo for best results, it caught my attention that this promo had a dedicated URL to complete the promotional loop. I put this in our shopping cart thinking after the ‘moneyback’, I would be paying only for the blades (er, sorry, ‘cartridge’, boom) maybe. In any case, the old razor, sorry, ‘shaving system’ needed a replacement.


Once home, this 100% Moneyback was enticing enough for me to examine it in more detail. I flipped it over looking for the fine print.


It looked interesting. Here is the outcome:

  1. It gives you an initial impression that by following some recommended process, you would somehow get &#8377 89 back in your hand. Nay.  All they mean is that you can return this product for &#8377 89 if you don’t like it. It is your fault, in this case my fault, that one did not understand this simple message in such plain English. Sigh!
  2. To achieve this grand objective here is what you need to do(‘It’s that easy’). You must just ship the razor, original packaging, promo sticker and cash memo/invoice( ‘invoice’ really for a retail cash buy?) to an address in Pune. So the guys who designed this anticipate that as a buyer you must magically follow this preservation protocol suppose you do not like your new razor few days down and want to get &#8377 89 back. And instead of disposing off the packaging and this promo strip you would preserve this somewhere (To locate it easily after your post purchase dissonance, may I recommend you from today all merchandise packaging in your home would be stored in the upper shelf of the refrigerator next to the bread loaf if not the bank locker). Quite cool and intuitive, isn’t it? And how much would be the shipment cost, even if sent by a not so fancy service, maybe just about twice the cost of the razor? God bless you guys for your thoughtfulness.
  3. Buy hey wait, the best is yet to come. How would you know about the point 2 in detail because it is not mentioned on the pack, Guys, all you need to do is visit this easy to remember and so much easy to type URL:

One would  expect an engaging site filled with meaningful content and cues in this era of digital marketing. However, it turned out to be a 10 KB text file that looks  as ugly as this. Yes, that’s all the content that there is:


And this. Look carefully the spelling of Gillette in page title. Blown up for your .reading pleasure.


But the guys behind this want to leave nothing to chance and only believe in absolute customer delight. That’s why they genuinely express their delight in UPPER CASE on the ‘Promo Strip’ by screaming “IT’S THAT EASY!”

You kidding?!

One thought on “Someone Should be Fired for this Gillette Promo

  1. Prakash

    I picked up one yesterday at the nearby Reliance Fresh outlet and checked for offer validity dates on the sticker. None were there. I bought the razor and came home and after typing in one of the longest named websites i found the offer had expired on March 31, 2014. Speaks volumes for stocks being fresh at Reliance Fresh and for Gillette’s sorry way of conducting a marketing contest.


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