The Brand Manager as a Soccer Goalie

Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, I can’t help thinking how much the role played by the Brand /Marketing manager is similar to that of a football goalie. Extremely fit and pacing up and down and waiting to grab the ball when it comes, which could be anytime. Though your mind keeps computing various possibilities faster than an Octacore processor inhibited by the limited visibility of the distant frontline, others see you as apparently doing nothing while they keep running. You see your fancied midfielders (sales) flounder and wonder when will you get to attack the competition goal post in their place and do better job of it. Every six minutes the ball will come to you and if you don’t block the attack, the team’s campaign ends right there. If you block all competitive attacks and your team wins the numbers game, well, “sales delivered” ! What say my marketer friends?

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