Internet of Things and the Web of Advertising

I get silent amusement in imagining the Bathroom water heater sending you a WhatsApp message, “Hey Steve, I thought I would remind you I am due for service next Saturday. I have logged a call on your behalf and not only that, the service technician’s visit appointment has been added to your calendar. In fact, my valves are in bad shape and need critical repair and to ensure you do not miss this appointment, I have exchanged notes with your car. That Saturday, the car would not start for your Golf game till the maintenance guys leave the house after repairing me.  And, also cancelled the Opera ticket. In any case, given the condition of the car, you will not be able to drive 45 minutes.

Or, as you approach your usual grocery pickup point, your car screen updates you with a things-to-buy list just received from the sensors at home.

Marry these examples with contextuality and results are frightening. In case of the water heater, the Heater, in addition to the above, would also tell you commercial messages of interested guys who can undertake the Heater service economically. In case of the second case, right after it receives the list of things to buy, it starts to play the ads of brands of those products that you have in your shopping list. Not only that, it looks up your calendar for the 3 hours you have reserved for the Wimbledon Finals on TV, and starts reminding you that your beer and munchies of such and such brand would be your great companion in the finals. Imagine we would be truly be surrounded with intelligence based advertising messaging that would be beyond the capability of a single man or agency.

Fun, anyone?

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