Technology Gallops, Aspirations Gallop Further

Few days back, I offered lift to two twelve year old kids who wanted to be dropped close to their school. I gathered that they studied in a Government School some distance away. I have a new car and they noticed that my car had navigation assistance. They asked me if my car map knows the way to their school, which it did. The kids were delighted. They soon got more curious about the infotainment cum navigation device and figured out it has a Radio and DVD player . They asked me what else does the device do. I showed them that it has a phone integration which means I could take calls if I chose to, and listen to music loaded on my phone through the car speakers. They paid attention to every bit of it and asked plenty of questions that left me in no doubt that they were totally awed. They were beaming and I guess I was wearing a smug smile. They asked me a million questions about the device and I took pride in answering everyone of them. I thought I had given them an experience that they would talk about at school to their friends. Discussion over, there was a momentary pause till one of them asked me if he could ask one more question quickly. I asked what it was. Does this Google?! My pride was ruptured badly as I drove off!

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