Decide Whether You Can Still Afford Not to Go Digital

While there can be myriad ways of looking at this question, this small visual from Comscore depicting audience distribution across age groups should leave you in no doubt.


In India for example, only 9% of audience is from the age group 45+. This is very much unlike Japan where the corresponding value is is 26% and ANZ where the corresponding value is in 21-23% range.

That to me partly explains why Digital as a medium is still in infancy in India. Here is my hypothesis. The higher age groups still wield considerable power in most established domestic businesses and their engagement level with the Digital is still less. On the other hand, the younger groups <44 years comprise 91% of the audience. These are the people who make the bulk of the workforce and and directly or indirectly influence buying decisions. Unfortunately, these people mostly report to the higher age group (45+) and there lies the disconnect. The seniors are still getting used to all the connectivity tools such as web, mobile and so on and are just about learning to appreciate the power of these tools. Not only that, these seniors call the shots in the organisations where they have worked for ages and developed a ‘way of working’ whereas Digital is disruptive and somewhat of a leap of faith for these guys.This gap tends to stall any possibility of large-scale plunge in digital by their respective organisations. For them, digital at best means having a website with some product information, not really a big-time tool for generating leads, capturing orders or getting customer insights. They better watch out!

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