The first ‘T’ of Social Media Mix–Target

“Elementary, Dear Watson”, you might say.

Unfortunately, this is also this is the part on which least attention and time is spent in many social media campaigns. That is because social media is often considered as an ongoing process, which is true. But that, according to me, is missing the woods for the trees. The real reason, is that there are practically zero entry barriers to social media platforms and anyone in the company from a trainee to CEO can setup a corporate or brand page on Facebook or setup a Twitter handle or a Linkedin page for the company.That’s okay, considering it is a social medium.

What’s often missed is that social media, just like offline marketing needs to be planned as a series of goal oriented campaigns, not as a routine goal less and milestone less process.

From a commercial point of view, some examples of the objectives could be:

  1. Generating 500 of test drive requests for a newly launched car. (Yes, we will stop here because we still cannot sell a car via Facebook or Twitter).
  2. Getting 5000 people to visit the concert website and selling 500 tickets in two days.
  3. Generating X numbers of enquiries for weekend buffet the theme restaurant.

Some campaigns are just designed to be ‘keep thinking of me’ and may appear to be perpetual campaigns, but in reality, they are not. This could be a jewelry company, for instance, operating on social media to ensure they enjoy TOMA (= Top of the Mind Awareness). Yet, they need to break their activity plan into several sub-campaigns around special selling months and lean periods.

If you are a marketer operating on social media, think of social media only as a series of campaigns and nothing else. And every campaign will have its objective, and a life period. That will determine several other ingredients of your social media mix. 

This T will be called Target. Both noun and verb.

One thought on “The first ‘T’ of Social Media Mix–Target


    Firstly, such lead generation objectives are already being put into practice by many marketers.Most notably amongst firms who have an online selling platform.

    Secondly,even now who can pinpoint and say,’ I sold these many cars/shampoos/soaps’ by running this ad for these many GRPs’. with 100% confidence?

    The unique power of Social Media Marketing is the real time dialogue one can have with the consumer-in a way which interests him/her the most.Agreed,most of the practices currently being used are wrong-but the right steps are being taken.


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